The Lollbacks

He doesn't look like a red engine!

Hello James!

My newest cousin, James Noel Lollback, was born on Monday, 22nd October 2007. He's a very cute little boy and I'm very pleased for Jen that she now has a little brother too - though I am at pains to keep pointing out that James is smaller than Sam (mind you, so are most babies the same age as Sam!). I've well and truly decided that the best thing about James is his name - it meant that I scored two new Thomas books when we went searching for his present (because we bought back up books until we found the one we wanted!).

Jennifer & Jack

Here's a shot of Jen & I taken at Jason & Kathy's place on 22nd September 2006. Jen is gorgeous - she is very funny and cheeky and is as cute as a little doll. Unbelievably, she will be 2 in just a few weeks - where has that time gone!

See any resemblance?

She's almost as small as Uncle Jason's telephone!
And then there was three...

Uncle Jason & Auntie Kathy have a very tiny baby girl, Jennifer Amy Lollback - my very first cousin! She was born on Tuesday, 2 November 2004 at 1:44pm, weighing 6lb 10oz and measuring 49cm long. It was all very exciting. She is very beautiful (lots of hair which is terribly important) and so far, doesn't seem to be too girly - so she can stay.

Play time with Uncle Jason & Auntie Kathy!

There's nothing more fun than playing with people who aren't afraid to make fools of themselves. Mum and Dad are prime examples of this! It seems that it runs in my Mum's family though, because Uncle Jason also excells in this area.

Chatting with Kath.As she reads me my favourite book.And I learn to do a Thunderbirds impersonation!Silly Uncle Jason...Teaches me how to stack blocks on my head...Don't touch the hand - I'll do it when I'm ready!I look soooo much cuter in this block than Jason does!I'm teaching Jason how to do the Jack Long Kiss the Ground Yoga Position!