News - Jan 2006

Now this is better than corn puffs!
Happy Birthday To Me!

23rd January 2006

Parties are great fun. There's cake!!!! Cake it turns out is a pretty fantastic thing. These past two years Mum and Dad have been keeping it a secret from me - until my party on Saturday when I finally got my first taste. And it was pretty good. Not too good though, because I still preferred to have yoghurt and grapes tonight for dessert, much to Mum and Dad's relief!

All the party photos, and photos from my celebrations today, are up ready for viewing now.


Nee-nar Nee-nar

8th January 2006

We've had a very big, very scary weekend. I was very sick on Friday night and had to go to hospital in an ambulance. Had I been conscious for the whole ordeal, it would have been very exciting for me. Thankfully though, I don't remember any of it.

I have a virus and because my fever rose very quickly, had a febrile convulsion as a result. That sent Mum, Dad and Nanna (who were enjoying a lovely dinner) into a tizz, justifiably. A night in hospital and I was allowed to come home - I even managed to keep what is possibly the world's ugliest Jemima Doll from the paramedics as a souvenir!!!

A big thank you to everyone up at the Royal Childrens' Hospital for looking after me and to Paul and Andrew, the paramedics. Not just for the Jemima doll either!