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Holiday Fun
Games before bed

Pretty much every holidays, Jacob & I have sleepovers. During the school term it's a bit too difficult to arrange, but come the holidays it's almost the first thing we both ask for. I headed down the Coast on Boxing Day to spend a night with Jacob, Di, Jonny & Harry.

We came home today and Jacob's staying here for a couple of nights. Sam loves him too, so we're currently all jammed into my room with instructions that no one is to wake anyone else up until 6:30am!

And now, we're the BIG boys!

It's been some time since the page was updated, but I've consistently seen Jacob throughout the years. In particular, over the past 18 months our families have really spent a lot more time together (despite living on either sides of the tunnell!). Jacob & I have both grown up a lot but we are of very similar natures and have a really lovely time when we're together. One of the nicest things for our parents is that we amuse ourselves and (to the best of their knowledge) don't get into mischief!

Crazy Big Boys!

Happy Birthday Jake!

Jake celebrated his 3rd birthday recently - what fun that was!!! There was plenty of grub (always very important), great party bags (another essential), plus pony rides! So, I have now had my first equine adventure and, if I do say so myself, took it all in my stride and am ready now to go out riding with the best of them!
It's Cowboy Jake!Giddy-upJake buddy, I can't breathe!Okay, that's slightly better


Jake is the son of my Mum's good friend, Diana Kerr. He is almost 3 years old, so has many wise words of wisdom to pass on to me. Most of them I can't understand, but we seem to get on great guns anyway!

Jack teaches Jake the intricacies of cup banging...And is stunned when Jake wants to do something else!Jake teaches Jack how to get most effective use of his toys...But Jack's still quite keen on the cup banging.