The Gold Coast - Dec 04

We're off to the Seaside!

We had a few days down at The Gold Coast just before Christmas as a special treat from Granny to Dad, who has been working himself to a frazzle.

I absolutely loved the time away and was very well behaved - even managing to keep fairly good sleep patterns happening! We got a chance to catch up with some friends - Di, Tanya and Jake. We also met Emily, who is Libby & Ben's daughter, for the first time and she seemed quite a gem.

Relaxing at the unit with Dad-Dad
Checking out the view from the unit window
I enjoyed lots of firsts: first swim in a pool, first dip in an ocean, first Merry Go Round ride, first milkshake (or sip thereof). I was a huge hit with the tourists - many of them having friends take photos of them standing next to my pram and trying to shake my hand. I think they were rather enamoured with the concept of a blonde baby in a wetsuit at the beach!

The beach and I however were not quite so impressed with one another. I can safely report - the seaside isn't my favourite of places just yet. I eventually warmed up to liking the soft sand, but you can keep the water as far away from me as possible.

I did love the spa at the hotel though - it was much more my speed with nice warm water (and a lot less tourists asking for my autograph!).

Checking out that ocean thingPlaying Sandfeet with Dad...Though only my feet seem to be getting buried!Examining the sand a bit closerMy reaction to the water when my trench was breachedand then breached a second time!Not particularly impressed with Broadbeach Mall's SantaMy first sand sandwichAt the pool, looking quite the athlete!On the Merry-Go-Round with MumMy first sip of a milkshake!Wrapped up after a traumatic day at the beach!