4th Birthday Pictures

Thomas in action!

The Party

Here are a selection of photos taken during my fourth birthday party. For more details about the day, visit my Events page to find out about everything we did & what a great time was had by all of the Really Useful Engines!.

The Games
Pass the Percy ParcelWhat'd you get Mackenzie?Hey Jen, that's Spencer!I got one too!!!Dada checks whether the blindfold worksThe Fat Controller at workMatilda takes a turnSpin the Roddy!Livvy's Dada takes a turnPlaying Truck Truck CabooseEveryone runsOpening pressiesMy 4th PhotobardRunning on the deckJen, Olivia & I

The Guests
The kindy kids & TFCPoppyNanna ("Rosie")TFC & MackenzieTFC & ThomasTFC, Thomas & GrannyTFC, Thomas & NannaTFC, Thomas & MamaAlexJenMackenzieMatilda & OliviaMax Rodman joins in the funOlivia

The Food
Mmmm, cupcakesThe cakeThomas refuelsLunchtimeCan't talk... eating!
Showing Thomas the photo of me in costume!

The Actual Birthday Day

To celebrate the big 4, we treked out to the Train Museum to visit Thomas, of course. We were joined by Nanna and also my little friend from kindy, Alex. It is possible that Alex has even more Thomas stuff than I do, though his is wooden so it's kind of hard to tell! I had a fabulous morning out there, I saw Thomas and also got to see my favourite thing there - the model trains which includes a train just like Dada's!!! Afterwards we came home so Mama could cook dinner - my choice for the evening was "roasted lamb, roasted chips & vegetables". (You can imagine how chuffed Mama was that a roast was what I chose as my favourite meal - she was expecting "chips & chicken".) There was more cake and more presents, so all in all - it was a pretty fantastic day!!!

I've been inside Thomas!Meeting ThomasWatching the model trainsPlaying at the train museum with AlexUnwrapping presents with NannaReading with NannaMore cakeMy track with the new birthday additions!Stories with Dada & Jen