My 4th Birthday

Thomas The Tank Engine!!!

Mama learnt a valuable lesson this year - if you don't want to organise an overly commercial Thomas The Tank Engine party, you shouldn't ask an almost four year old what kind of party they'd like. She tried talking me out of it until Dada pointed out that it would be borderline cruel to deny it to me when I'm clearly one of the world's biggest TTTE fans. And so, a naff Thomas party it was!

In previous years, I've been slightly overwhelmed at my birthday parties. I think the number of people just takes me back a bit and I get a little over it all. Mama and Dada particularly tried to limit the numbers this year so that the party really was all about me. I was allowed to invite 6 of my friends and it took quite some time for me to pick who I wanted on the list. In the end, we settled with 7 people because I just couldn't whittle it down far enough! The reduced numbers certainly helped, as I'm sure another 12 months of age did - I was soooooooo into the party and loved being the focus. In stark contrast to previous years, I couldn't wait for the candles/cake and to open my presents.

The invitation image
The preparations started early with a photo shoot to capture me looking my best for the invitations. We managed to get just the right image and completely captured how proud I feel wearing my best TTTE suit! Interestingly, I actually can't stand dress ups and normally won't have a bar of any kind of hat, let alone a complete costume! Leading up to the party though I couldn't get enough of the Thomas suit - I wanted to show everyone who came to play in the weeks beforehand and was even tempted to wear it out to the Train Museum!

Finding the destinations
Mama and Dada did a great job decorating the house the night before the party - they designated sections of the living area as "The Engine Wash" (where we played the party games), "The Water Tower" (the drinks table), "Mr Jolly's Chocolate Factory" (the food table). I loved checking out all the signs when I woke up the morning of the party and was just about bursting with excitement by the time the first guest arrived.

The Fat Controller
The highlight of my party was most definitely the visit we received from The Fat Controller. When Dada showed me his costume the day before the party, I was visibly quite taken aback - I actually didn't realise it was Dada and thought that TFC really HAD come to my house!!! Once Mama & Dada convinced me it was Dada and I could manage to string a sentence together again, I told Dada how fantastic he looked. All of my friends were a little taken aback too (Dada hadn't counted on the possiblity that he'd scare some of them off), so it took a bit of convincing for them to join in the first few games.

Chuffing with Matilda & Mackenzie
We had a whale of a time playing in the cardboard Thomas that Mama made, playing "Pass the Percy Parcel" and "Pin The Funnel on Thomas". The hit of the day though was definitely "Truck Truck Caboose" which was an adaption of the good old chasing game, "Duck Duck Goose". Everyone loved it and could only be convinced to take a break with the promise of cake!

Clowing out the 4 candles!
The quietest we were all day was when we were chowing down on Annie and Clarabel (Mama refused to allow the Thomas portion to be served, knowing how much food colouring was in the icing!).

All in all, I had an absolutely fabulous time - it certainly has been the party that I have enjoyed the most. Thankfully the hype from the party transferred to my actual birthday on Wednesday, so there wasn't too much of an anti-climax. I'm so grateful to all of my fabulous little friends for coming along and joining in the day with me - I'm still talking about it a week later, so I must have had fun!!!

The kindy kids
If you'd like to see more pictures, you can view them all in the Galleries. A big thank you to Baby James Lollback for being such a good boy and sleeping through the whole party, allowing his parents to be my personal photographer and videographer!.