1st Birthday Pictures

My First Birthday

Here are a selection of photos taken during my first birthday party. For more details about the day, visit my Events page.
Helping Poppy to put the tartps up (by sitting on them) the day beforeOpening presents with Uncle Tim the day beforePlaying with my first present on my birthdayThe guestsand more guestsEating lunch with Mum - egg sandwiches!With NannaWith PoppyWith GrannyWith GrandaMy cake (and a copy of the invitation)Dad makes a speech...And then we cut the cake!The present table - wowee!!!I explain the intricacies of this present to onlookersOpening the presentsShowing Mum one of my new toysSitting on Jake's jumping castle - all is wellMum and Dad get on - all is no longer wellOpening Uncle Kevin's present the day after my birthday