My 1st Birthday

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Well, a lot has happened in twelve months and it's quite hard to believe that I am 1 already. My party was held on Sunday, 23rd January 2005 at 11:00am.

Opening my first present

The morning started off fairly well - playing with Mum and Dad, opening my first present and then settling in for a nice leisurely breakfast. Then disaster struck in the garage downstairs and Dad had to disappear for the rest of the morning (some problem with the rubbish bin and the garage floor evidently).

So, a nice long nap for me followed. In fact, when I woke up at around 11am, people were already here!!! I went downstairs to meet and greet my guests from the playpen area and had fun watching the older kids terrorise the clam swimming pool and the jumping castle.

Cutting the cake

Food was finally served and then the all important cake cutting followed. Mum had worked pretty hard on the cake - even doing a practice run 2 days before the party (which Dad took to work and thus gained quite a few friends). By the time the cake was cut it was starting to get a bit late, so I thought I'd settle in to opening some pressies up.

This present came in the best box!!!

With my able assistants, Ari and Jake, I managed to open all the wonderful presents I'd received. And, predictably, I was most interested in the packaging they all came in. Not too long afterwards I went upstairs for a sleep and when I woke up - everyone had gone. I'm really not too sure whether it actually happened, or I just imagined it!!!

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