5th Birthday Pictures

The Big 5 Year Old

The Party

Here are a selection of photos taken during my fifth birthday party. For more details about the day, visit my Events page to find out about Space.... The Final Frontier.

The Games
Astronaut SaysWater PlayWet the painter!!!Pluto selects his choiceStar Star PlanetPluto takes flightPass the PlanetEveryone gets a prize!Setting rockets upMax and DadaWatching it soar!Craft with Nanna

The Guests
The CrowdLiv stayed for a sleepover

The Food
The rocketHappy Birthday To MeMmmmm, cookiesGetting fuel
Dada & I at UWW

The Actual Birthday Day

I have been negotiating for some time with my parents about getting a pet. I started out wanting a dog but we have no fence yet and Sam is still too little, so I accepted that a dog wasn't possible. I then moved onto a mouse which Mama refused on the basis that they smell and will attract snakes. Dada ruled a cat out emphatically and so, after much thinking of my behalf, I decided on a fish. I was quite surprised when that suggestion wasn't knocked back and so I got quite interested in all things aquatic.

It seemed fitting therefore to spend my 5th birthday at UnderWater World where we saw seals, sharks, turtles, otters and much, much more. I quite enjoyed the seal show and surprisingly volunteered whenever they asked for someone to help (though I didn't get picked this time around). I had a fabulous day (with fish and chips for lunch!), got lots of sensational pressoirs (Mama & Dada bought me an interactive globe and it's hard to say who loves it more - me or Dada), more fish and chips for dinner plus more cake!!! The following day we went and I got to pick my pet fish - he's a Siamese Crowntail Fighting Fish called Astro and I just love him!

PressiesPressiesAt the seal showThe seal!In the aquariumGuess who!Opening Mama & Dada's pressieIt's a globe!DinnertimeDada likes the globe too!!!