My 5th Birthday

5 years old!!!
Step into Space!!!

Following last year's TTTE theme was a huge leap into another world this year - we travelled to space! I'm particularly interested in geography, space and dinosaurs at the moment so my parents money was on any one of those topics (and I think they both also half expected a request for a repeat TTTE theme).

Like last year we tried very hard to keep the numbers down to make the party as enjoyable for me as possible. I'm learning though that it can be a pretty tough thing to limit myself to just 5 friends - we ended up with a few more because I just couldn't whittle the list down any more! So, on Saturday 17th January my friends - Jacob & Thomas, Max, Sophie, Olivia, Jen & James, William, Tommy & Emma - came to join me on my 5th birthday mission.

The decorations
The invitations were a space themed affair with a picture of me peeking out of a rocket. I desperately wanted to come as Dwarf Planet Pluto, which had Mama stuck for a little while on how on earth she was going to assemble a costume that looked anything vaguely like a planet. With the help of a hula hoop, we did a pretty good job. I spent the days before my party busy painting planet decorations and decorating my costume - it helped get me excited and in the mood and gave Mama time to do some of the baking. The planet decorations looked sensational - in fact we kept them up for as long as we could after the party until we figured out that they were blowing in the breeze and were the culprit which was constantly settling the alarm off when we were out!

My Spacey Family
My fabulous Dada again dressed up to and took control of the running of the party. This year he came as Space Commander Paul Long, dressed very fancily in white overalls, a sliver belt, sparkly buttons and silver air tanks. Throughout the party his costume started falling apart so that by the end of it he really just looked like a painter who had wandered into the wrong house!

The rocketship cake
I had a fabulous time with my friends playing "Pass the Planet", "Astronaut Says", "Star Star Planet" (another title for the ever popular Duck Duck Goose) and making bi-card soda rockets. Later on there were water rockets where my friends & I tried very hard to drench Dada but mainly just ended up soaking wet ourselves (though he did resort to emptying the bucket of water out over us rather than using his sauce bottle rocket). Finally we finished off with a treasure hunt which led us to the party bags.

Opening Pressies

I had a sensational party, annoucing to Mama it was the best one yet. The hype continued all week until my actual birthday almost a week later when we trotted off to Underwater World for the day. A big thank you to all my friends and family for celebrating with me - I had a fabulous party and will hopefully have an even more fabulous year!!!

For more about the actual day and photos from the party, you can visit my Fifth Birthday Gallery.