My 8th Birthday

Jump In!
Twisting By The Pool!

For the first time ever in my very long and adventurous life, my birthday this year fell on a school day. School started back a bit earlier this year and so I trotted off, on my first day as a big Grade 4 kid, to announce to my teacher that it was in fact, my birthday.

We started the day off with some presents and buttermilk pancakes. (We even managed to be super organised and still early, which made me think we've actually got time for pancakes every day!!!) After checking it was okay to celebrate with my new teacher, Mr Lihou, we carried in 26 cupcakes to school and I gave them to my friends after lunch.

I was armed with stories from my pool party two days earlier and shared them all with my friends. After school, we came home and had my choice of dinner (Pizza Capers, plus vegies) and a Cookies & Cream Baskin & Robins cake, which topped off a pretty fabulous day.

Photos from My Birthday Day

Opening pressies
More pressies
Baskin & Robins!!!
Big 8 years old

Photos from My Party

I elected this year to have a pool party. We kept it very low key (as per my wishes) and had just a small group of friends over to jump in the pool, chow down at the BBQ and then help devour a pool cake. Between the mudslide we made on the fort and the pool super soakers, we had an absolute ball.

Pizza & Mr Bean
Before the fort became a mudslide
The party in full swing
and full swim!
Pool party cake!
Sing along everyone