News - Dec 06

With "Santa"Not too sure about this situation though...But Santa said I'd been good, so hooray!
Nanna is Santa???

18th December 2006

Nanna sometimes finds herself in some rare situations - like having to dress up as Santa for a Suzanne Grae competition! Always the trooper though, she never fails to please and so she surprised Livvy and I with a visit last week. The hilarious thing was that we played along, calling her "Santa" and answering her Santa-like questions. Mama thought we'd actually bought the story, until the next day when she asked about Santa's visit and confessed "No Mama, it was a Nanna Santa".

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

11th December 2006

And we wait The Wiggles' grand entrance
The crowd settles in...
Relaxing in the car park before we head inside...
The anticipation builds - we are first at the door!

Another year, another Wiggles concert to attend! I choofed off to the concert today with my gorgeous friend, Olivia, and had a great time. Some of you may recall that my attendance at the concert last year was somewhat hindered by the fact that I didn't stop crying until almost half way through the performance. This year, to ensure I was comfortable with the crowds etc., Mum & Sarah left super early (we practically got to park next to the front door) and we had plenty of time to relax and get used to everything before the show started. It was all going quite well in fact, until the show did actually start.

Livvy gets down and boogies
I eventually catch on and almost manage a smile

Then the tears also started and Mum thought we were in for a re-run of last year. I did calm down fairly quickly though - I think it was just the shock of the noise and the fact that Greg - Yellow Wiggle Extraordinaire has in fact been replaced with this new Sam fellow. By no means was I "into" the concert like other kids were - there was no dancing and singing on my behalf, but I did manage a few waves and I was very excited when Murray came over to collect the roses I had made for Dorothy the Dinosaur.

So, no doubt we'll be back again next year - maybe by then I'll be ready to sing along!

Trainy Day

7th December 2006

Making a fabulous glitter snowflake
Investigating the train set close up
Playing contentedly
Helping to fix up the train repair truck

Today Mama and I went out to the Train Museum and had some fun there doing Christmas craft, stories and playing with the toy trains. My favourite part of the day though was definitely the hour I spent watching the huge model train set go around and around and around and around. One of the trains looked just like the one that Dada gets to work, so everytime it came around the track I'd shout "there's Daddy, there's Daddy" much to the amusement of the staff.

Dad and I with the finished product
Oh Christmas Tree!

1st December 2006

The usual tradition in our house is for the Christmas Tree to go up on the 30th November in the evening. So, all was planned for last night's great Christmas Tree decorating but, like most good plans, there was a hiccup. I fell fast asleep on the way home from picking Dada up from work and no one was able to wake me up!!!

So, the decorating had to wait until this morning. However, I have declared all day that "I love that Christmas Tree" and "that's a beautiful angel" so I think the delay was worth it!

Good Girl Mama...

Good Girl Mama!
1st December 2006

In an attempt to get some rest (yeah right!), my Mum has been trying to have a sleep at lunchtime while I am supposed to be sleeping. The other day however while she was asleep, I decided to get up and have a bit of a wander around the house. When I found her asleep though I knew I had to be very quiet and so I busied my time by decorating her bedroom door with stars.

When she woke up I said to her "You were a good girl Mama, you had a sleep and stayed in bed. I gave you lots of stars!". Now she just needs her very own star chart!!!