Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 - Rain for the Reindeers!

The big pressie opening!
I love Christmas in every aspect but I especially love Santa, I love leaving food out for him, I love eating the food I leave out for him and so then having to leave more food out for him.

I was soooo excited on Christmas Eve about his impending visit that I had a hard time getting to sleep.

Part of that excitement could have been caused, of course, by the sugar I partook of during our Christmas Eve dinner celebration with my cousin's, the Lollback family.

I'd been waiting all day to sample the fabulous ducken (a chicken stuffed in a duck) and Mama's chocolate/icecream cake creation.

After being a bit off colour all morning and therefore having to spend 99% of the day resting, I was actually in top form by the time dinner rolled around.

Opening pressies
What'd you get???
My Christmas Eve dinner!
My dessert!
We had dinner, played games and opened pressies. Jen and I then treated everyone to a mini concert of Christmas carols and poetry.

The concert
For reasons that escaped our parents, we insisted on performing in pitch black , so the photos don't quite give much detail but it was heaps of fun. After the concert it was time for bed - a super late night for us, despite my fears that the rain might stop Santa's scheduled visit during the night.

Santa's presents
Break the Safe!
My fears were unfounded because I awoke that morning and discovered that Santa had indeed left our Christmas presents on the kitchen bench, right next to the plate of cookies he & the reindeer gobbled up.

I had been asking Santa for a very special boardgame called Break the Safe which I love to play at chess club. Sure enough, I must have been pretty good, because Santa delivered!!! Mama and Dada also gave me a new animal nursery to go with my Schleich grasslands animal set, which was a big hit.

Present opening
Nanna & I
Nanna's painting
Mini concert for Great Nanna
After our family present opening, we had brunch with Nanna & Great Nanna, another mini concert and then headed off down the Coast to celebrate the rest of the day with Granny & Granda.

What's in here??
Dada joins in
More presents followed (the hit being a fabulous foosball table from Uncle Michael) and another game Kogworks from Granny & Granda.

We spent the afternoon with them, playing games, opening pressies & eating - a fairly spectacular kind of day, if you ask me!!!

More foosball!
We finished it off with a story in Granny & Granda's bed and then made our way from their apartment back to our holiday house.

I declared it a "pretty good" Christmas and couldn't wait to be able to play Break the Safe on Boxing Day!