Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 - Party of Five

Cute as a button!
This year for Christmas we asked Santa for our long awaited puppy. My parents worked hard in the weeks leading up to Christmas to make sure we understood the responsibilities of owning a puppy (whilst knowing deep down that the responsibility would be all theirs) and making sure we had everything ready, should Santa bestow a canine pressoir upon us.

Christmas Eve arrived and Santa in fact contacted our parents, letting us know that new legislation precluded puppies (or any animals, in fact) from riding on the sleigh due to injuries suffered in previous years and the ensuing litigation resulting from such events. To fulfill his Christmas obligations, Santa instead arranged for our puppy to be delivered to a breeder in Warwick and Mama had to drive out there and pick him up on Christmas Eve. This meant that Mama missed dinner with us on Christmas Eve (it’s a 7 hour round trip), but she was home in time to tuck us in – presenting a whole new set of problems of how to hide a puppy if your children haven’t gone to bed on time.

Luckily, I was sleeping the night in Nanna’s room and so was far away from Louis’ temporary hiding spot around the side of the house. That meant that I was completely unaware of Louis’ existence until Christmas morning, when Sam came running in telling me to come and see the puppy. Bleary eyed and not properly conscious, I stumbled out to see him and immediately fell in love with my new little friend.

We spent the morning playing with Louis, opening pressies, playing with Louis, having morning tea, playing with Louis, opening more pressies, playing with Louis, having lunch, transporting Louis to Granny’s house, playing with Louis, opening presents, playing with Louis, having dinner, playing with presents, transporting Louis home, going to bed. It was a Christmas quite unlike any other we’ve had!

Opening pressies with Lou
More pressies
Resting with Lou