Christmas 2008

The Rampage!!!
The Year of the Rampage!!!

I've been counting down a long, long time to Christmas this year. I became very aware when the decorations went up in the shop (in November!!!) and knew it was time to start getting excited. I somehow managed to sustain the high level of anticipation the whole way through, right up until Christmas morning.

A few weeks before Christmas we all went to the local bike shop to check out what bikes we'd like Santa to bring. My choice was a blue BMX Holstar Rampage, and I mentioned it to Santa at every available opportunity, including on Christmas Eve when Santa rang me to make sure I was leaving a snack out for he & his reindeers.

Finally on Christmas morning, my patience was rewarded. Santa had cleverly left me clues as to where my present was hidden. The first clue was taped next to my door and instructed me to wake Mama & Dada up to find the next clue. The only hiccup was that Santa clearly didn't bargain on my reading my books before opening the door, so I found the 4th clue first!!! This enabled me to find the remaining two clues by myself, without Mama & Dada who I only woke up after I'd found the bicycle stash. I think next year the treasure hunt might be taking a different form to accomodate reading abilities!

Rattle rattle
Opening pressoirs with Dada

After the excitement of finding (and trying out) the bikes, our day calmed down and was very relaxing. Nanna came over and shared breakfast with us and we opened some more pressies. I was very impressed with my lego and remote control car - you couldn't stop me from jumping up and down! We did our first spot of bike riding and Mama and Dada were amazed at how well I went. I have previously not been able to rotate the pedals around on bicycles at all, but within seconds of being on my Rampage I was off and running.

After Sam attempted to have a sleep, we then went to Granny & Granda's for Christmas dinner. I had a fabulous time with all my Uncles there in one spot and was completely spoiled for choice of presents and people to play with. Uncle Timmy got the hit present of the day though when he brought out the Roary The Racing Car remote control car. Both Sam & I were beside ourselves with excitement and have continued to love playing with Roary every day since!

It felt like Christmas continued for a couple of days - on the 27th we had my Great Nanna's 90th birthday party followed by a Christmas BBQ with Jen & James. I am now well and truly set for remote control cars, lego, books, puzzles and bicycles - at least for another month until my birthday, anyway!!!
Remote control fever!Uncle Timmy's the man!Roary