Christmas 2007

I Love Christmas!!!
Let the Big Guy In!!!

Christmas this year could not come fast enough for me. I counted down the days from the beginning of December, dutifully changing the date on the Advent calendar every morning. We visited Santa, put our tree up, went into the city for the lighting of the Big Christmas Tree, made pressies, wrapped pressies, counted the number of pressies under the tree that said "Jackson".....

By Christmas Eve I was beside myself with excitement. Santa actually telephoned me on Christmas Eve to let me know he was on his way, which was a pretty exciting event in itself. We left cookies & milk out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. When I woke up the next morning that was actually my first concern - did Rudolph eat his carrots???

Finding the clues!
Another one...
and then, the pressie!
While I was checking whether Santa had eaten his cookies, I noticed he'd left me a note. It turned out he'd actually hidden my present and I had a great time on his treasure hunt looking for it. I actually think this in itself was the highlight of the day because I had so much fun finding and following the clues which eventually led to.... a marble run!!!!. I've been extremely chuffed with my present and wanted to take it over to Uncle Joelie's the other day so we could play with both our marble runs!!!

The marble run
Serious stuff
This year my parents noticed that I was very into the unwrapping of all my presents. In previous years, I've gotten over it very quickly and as a result, Mama & Dada really tried to scale down this year so I could just enjoy the day (& so we could still afford to eat meat for the rest of the year!). They're not sure whether it is because I was older or because they scaled down, but I was absolutely loving every minute of the presents and there was definitely no fatigue this year!!! We opened presents at home, had some breakfast and played a round of Round the Rails - a Thomas boardgame I received from Mama & Dada.
UnwrappingHelping Mama unwrapHelping Sam unwrapCan you tell I'm excited?The present Sam & I made for Dada
Then it was off to Nanna's house for Christmas lunch. Jen & I had fun playing (and I told everyone about my treasure hunt<Granny's house there were... even more pressies!!! Imagine my excitement! By the time the day came to an end, I was pretty exhausted and getting tired & cranky, so it must have been a good day!!!
Telling Nanna about the treasure huntHelping Nanna deliver pressiesUnwrapping!Telling Mick about the treasure huntSetting up the new trackGranda gets in on the track actionMama's Christmas Men