Christmas 2006

Santa Claus is coming to Town!

It's all soooo exciting!
Well, this year I could not wait for Christmas to roll around. From the minute the lights went on in November (I actually believe that Santa lives at the very heavily decorated house at the end of our street)I was asking every day "Is today Christmas Day".

I've been changing the date on my Advent Calendar every morning (lucky for me Santa's been leaving a little pressie in each pocket!) and by Christmas Eve I was practically beside myself with excitement. I've visited Santa multiple times, know all the words to "Santa Claus is coming to Town" (and have even declared it my favourite Christmas song) and have prepared all my presents for everyone so I was absolutely, without a doubt, READY!!!!

The Kitchen!

On Christmas morning I was very excited - when I walked out of my room there was something in my playroom all covered up with a sheet. I immediately went in and woke Mama and Dada who uncovered it for me and revealed - a kitchen! Now, unbeknown to me Mama has been painting and decorating this kitchen for a few weeks now to get it ready for me for Christmas Day. It was actually only finished at 11:20pm on Christmas Eve when Dada bought it upstairs, so it was definitely a labour of love. Therefore, you can imagine her dismay when I announced "it's a little bit good, but I don't love it"!!!!! (Thankfully in the days after Christmas I've sinced declared that it is, in fact, my favourite present!).

We had some breakfast (you need strength to open all these presents) and then took a walk downstairs to see if we could find any of Santa's footprints in the dirt. Not only did we find a big giant footprint of his, but we found it in a brand spanking new sandpit!!! Santa has turned the area under my deck into a big outdoor playroom - complete with a playdough table, climbing gym, sandpit and trampoline. It seems Santa (and Dada!) had been very very busy on Christmas Eve while I was at Granny's.

Opening pressies everywhere
We headed upstairs to get ready for the arrival of the Lollback clan and had a great lunch with them, opening even more presents (I got a fabulous drill from Jason & Kathy which I proceeded to use all day) and playing with gorgeous Jen. Then it was time to head off to Granny & Granda's for more food, more pressies (animal duplo!!!) and some relaxation.

If only Christmas really could come every day! Mama and Dada have been trying to explain to me that it's over for another year now, but I'm not really too sure about that - I think a year is a long time to wait!