Christmas 2005

Bring on the Presents!!!
With Dad on Christmas morning
With Mum on Christmas morning
So much has changed in twelve months. This was a very different Christmas to the one we had last year. I absolutely love opening presents - it's fabulous. I am almost more interested in scrunching up the paper than I am in what's inside it. Almost, but not quite!

I started the day at home with Mum and Dad and had my first taste of the paper ripping! I have been carting some of the presents from under the Christmas tree over to Mum all week and saying "open, open", so I was glad that I was finally allowed to do the deed.

Hey Mum, I'm going to work for NASA as a rocket specialist!
We went and visited Poppy's grave and I showed him one of my beautiful paintings which I'd done earlier in the week especially for him. We also gave Poppy some lovely flowers and I showed him how much I'd grown into a fabulous little gardener by watering the pot and every other plant nearby.

Lunch at Jason & Kathy's was great fun. Jen got this fabulous hot pink and blue trike which I thought was pretty special, but not quite as special as the rocket which Nanna & Poppy gave to me. A very close second to that was the broom Nanna wrapped up - I didn't even wait to unwrap it before I started using it! The festivities had only jut started when they sent me off for a nap - can you believe it!

Dad with his Fireman Hat pressie!
After my nap it was time to head off to Granny & Granda's place for another big meal and lots more presents. I sat up at the table like a big boy, pulled my cracker open with Mum and ate Granny's fabulous meal. Then it was time for the building of the Thomas The Tank Engine set which Granny & Granda gave me. I had heaps of fun with that all afternoon and the next morning when I woke up it was the first thing I wanted to see.

Hey Timmy, that bit goes over there...
It's hard to find good engineers these days!
I was, all in all, quite spoiled. I'm especially lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. This was a sad Christmas for our family in many ways, but my wonder and adoration for everything Christmassy made it that little bit easier to bear, and beautiful to watch.