Christmas 2004

Little Drummer Boy!
Inspecting my first present with Dad-Dad
And Mum demonstrates the teddy's varied wardrobe - coat on, coat off

Well my first Christmas was fantastique - I was spoilt rotten, there was heaps of food AND I got to stay up until 9pm (though no-one seemed very impressed with that effort).

My day started as a usual day in the life of Jack - up at 6am, making plenty of noise to let Mum and Dad know that their alarm had gone off and was getting restless in his cot. We had the morning to ourselves and opened a couple of pressies each, before I adjourned for my morning nap.

The Christmas Table
Dad & I at my Christmas table - far less decorative
Nap shmap. 45 minutes later I was up and raring to go again and spent the rest of the morning playing with Dad while Mum attended to the giant ham (which we are still eating 1 week later!). Poppy arrived around 11am and was very impressed with my Christmas overalls - in fact, I think he'd like a pair of his own for next year.

By 2pm everyone had arrived and started fussing over me, so I made the escape for my afternoon nap. Considering everything that was going on (they were eating!!! without me!!!), I did pretty well to sleep for an hour before coming out to join everyone on the deck. Lots and lots of pressies were to follow (so much so that Mum and Dad have had to put some away for later on in the year) and I was a very blessed boy - Santa must have known just how good I have been! A big drooly thank you to everyone for their very special and thoughtful gifts.

The day started to wind down, but I was really just winding up. Even after my dinner, bath and nightime bottle I was still ready to party. It wasn't until everyone had gone home that I finally accepted Christmas Day was over. Let the countdown to Christmas 2005 begin!!!
Ready, steady, open!Surrounded by toys, but I LOVE this label!Opening a pressie with Poppy