A Christening Wish

A Christening Wish for Our Son

We hope that you find something to smile at, every day of your life
and that the simple things always bring you joy and pleasure.
May you experience the world and learn from all around you,
Show tolerance and respect to others and appreciate the same from them.

Be whoever you want to be and be proud of that person
and remember that it matters not what you do, but who you are.
Know that hard work often results in the most valuable of things
and that in life, true value rarely involves currency.

We want you to grow and evolve,
secure in the knowledge that you are surrounded with unconditional love.
May your family be a haven for you when you are troubled
and always provide you with a sense of home.

May you be brave enough to dream, even when it seems foolhardy
and strong enough to sense that there must always be hope.
Learn to laugh at yourself and know when to laugh with others,
Be honest and true with yourself and everyone you meet.

Be fortunate enough to have good friends, and always be a true friend,
May you find your true love and cherish it always.
If your heart is broken may it enable you to appreciate life and love,
and value both eternally.

But for now, we simply want your days to be full of wonder
and hope that each new thing you learn brings you great delight.
Know that you are the world to us and that our lives are richer every day,
because you are our son.