My Christening

The Ceremony

My Christening was performed by Rev. Alan Moore, who also married my Mum and Dad at St. Andrew's way back in 1999. As it happens, my Mum was also christened at St. Andrew's and my Nanna and Poppy were married there also, so it's quite the family affair. I was extremely pleased to see Rev. Moore turn up - because then I wasn't the only boy in a dress!

My Godparents, Kathy Lollback (my Aunt) and Timothy Long (my Uncle), helped me throughout the day - mind you, they didn't warn me about the water that was going to be thrown on me willy nilly. I'm sure my reaction has taught them that this is the kind of thing I'd like their advice on in the future though!

Looking good - considering it's a dress!Mum, Dad & I arriving at the ChurchThrew up on Mum and she handed me over to clean her shirt - the nerve!What's the fuss all about?Why is everyone looking at me?Hey - what are you doing with that water??Seriously, what's the go?Holy Batman - he threw it on me!I'm not happy about this, at all.Mum seems to think this is what I deserved for the puke beforehand...I trusted you guys!What are THEY smiling at?Nanna & Pop, Rev. Moore, Mum & I, Dad, Kathy & TimGranny & Granda, Rev. Moore, Mum & I, Dad, Kathy & TimOutside with Parents and GodparentsOutside with Nanna & PoppyOutside with Granny & GrandaSay Cheese Everyone!Kasey, Brianna & JodiGreat Nanna and Auntie PamThe Biffin Family

The Party

After the shower I received at the church, everyone came back to my house and celebrated. For the majority of the celebrations I either cried (still getting over the water trauma) or slept in Nanna's arms. It's a tough job being christened.

Clutching on to the nappy, in case any more water comes my way!My CakeNan showing me my cakeKathy & Tim cut the cake on my behalfSleeping with my GranniesJake & BreePaul, Dad, Erin & NannaMum & Dad opened my presentsMum's taking notesFunny Ha HaDad thinks this is funny - a First Fleet Mug!Poppy's idea, obviouslyMy very own coathanger - if only I had a coat...A big heavy metal thing from Uncle TimWinne The Pooh photo frameWinne The Pooh Music FigurineEveryone needs some Peter Rabbitt