My Christening

Splish Splash, I was taking a bath...

Not Happy Jan!

I was christened at St. Andrew's Anglican Church at South Brisbane on Saturday, 10th April 2004. Lots of my friends and family were there to watch this special event - mind you, I didn't really know what was going on especially when they started throwing water on me! I mean, come on - a fella is just happily looking around, wondering why he is wearing a dress, and then splash - take that! I guess that was what I got for throwing up all over Mum moments before we entered the church...

Here it comes!All these people came to see me!My Godparents, Kathy Lollback & Tim Long, cut the cake.

For more photos from the day, take a look in the Picture Galleries.

Special wishes from my Mum & Dad

In their spare time (about 3am the day of my christening) Mum & Dad sat down and wrote a special verse for me for the day. You think they'd use the time to do normal things - like sleep!