My Birth

Will I or Wonít I???

I couldnít quite decide whether or not I was ready to venture into The Outside, so I broke my house but then had a change of mind and decided to stay put. Unfortunately though, apparently once I broke my house I couldnít stay in there anymore. Damn landlords!

The drip is the skinny one

My Mumís waters broke at 5am on Wednesday, 21 January 2004. 57 hours, sea-sickness from rocking on the birth ball for an eternity, a curry and a few games of Scrabble later, Dr. Bob, Mum and Dad decided that a caesarean would be the best option and so I was born at 2:22pm on Friday, 23rd January 2004, measuring 52.5cm in length and 8lb 5oz in weight.

Daddy scrubs up alright (boom boom)!

There were people everywhere Ė not at all what I was expecting! Bit of a shock to the system really Ė so I had a good old cry and let them poke and prod me a bit. Once that was over and they stopped giving me tests and scoring me (Iím 2 minutes old for peteís sake!), I met my Mum (crying already, I thought that was my job!) and my Dad (hey, whatís his big grin about?). They seemed alright and as though they would take good care of me so I figured, what the hell Ė Iím out now I may as well stick around in case thereís food later on.

Not the most dignified of angles
Dad cuts the cord
Our first family photo!

My Mum and Dad are extremely grateful to their obstetrician Dr Bob Watson and my paediatrician Dr David Levitt. Also, they are thankful for both the anaesthetic and photographic skills of Dr Ralph Krippner.

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