In Brief - April 2006


News & Events in brief

  • 19th April 2006 - I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I certainly did with the highlight being my first ever taste of marshmallow!

  • 12th April 2006 - No one is safe anymore because it seems that I am old enough now to be a dobber. Last night I dobbed on Dad. When Mama came home and came in to say goodnight I told her "Dada take my dummy away, I very very sad". Be warned!!!

  • 10th April 2006 - I've been very busy doing some Easter craft under my Mum's very watchful eye. I especially love using the "gitter"!

  • 8th April 2006 - I have invented a brand new, very Australian, sport. It's called cricking and is similar to cricket but involves a balloon and a mop. So, maybe not so similar then...

  • 5th April 2006 - Granny has given me a pair of Bob The Builder boots which light up when I walk!!!! It is fantastic!