News - April 2006

The Easter Bunny trail...
led me to find a GIANT bunny...
& another Thomas bucket (Stuart & Maweee gave me one a few weeks ago).
Bunny stayed by my side the entire day - including when I was asleep.
Happy Easter!

19th April 2006

The best thing about Easter isn't the chocolate (of which I had none), or the marshmellow (of which I had some!), but the fact that Dad is home for 4 whole days in a row! It was heaps of fun - there was lots of playing, cricking, gardening, dining out with friends (I went to Weird Uncle Joelie & Kate's place!). There was even some sleeping in for everyone!

Easter Sunday was a lot of fun. Mum and Dad had made an easter bunny footprint trail from my bedroom leading out into the dining room and to my Thomas cubby. In there I found a huge Easter Bunny and a cool Thomas bucket filled with Easter eggs. It was a magical bucket too - no sooner had I opened and found the eggs, had the eggs magically disappeared!!! (I didn't seem to notice Dad's stash grew at the same time, though perhaps by next year I will.) We had a lovely afternoon tea with Nanna, Jason, Kathy & Jennifer and then went into Granny & Granda's for dinner. So all round, it was a pretty great day.

I hope you had a fabulous Easter too.

then you cover your hands in it, of course!
First you take some paint...
Easter Arts and Craft

10th April 2006

I've been spending lots of time this week making some special Easter craft and have been loving it! I particularly enjoy the painting side of things, especially now that I've discovered that while the paint is wet we can sprinkle glitter (or, as I prefer to pronounce it, "gitter") on it to make it even prettier. The high point however is definitely painting your hands and sprinkling gitter on them!!!

"Jack crick and Dadda crick"

8th April 2006

It is possible that I have invented a new Australian past time and, at the same time, demonstrated my amazing ability to use the English language. I have developed a sport calling Cricking. It involves running after a red balloon, hitting it with a toy mop and yelling "crick crick" as you go.

I announced to Mama that I was "cricking" and was somewhat perplexed when she refused to join in, muttering something about "Mama does not play cricket". Dadda however joined in the fun and I was delighted to be cricking with him and demonstrated how well I've got my head around this whole verb usage thing by stating "Cricking! Jack crick and Dadda crick!".

And here we see young Jack Long...a Master of the Cricking sport...perfecting the lunge move...and taking a moment to pose for a photo with his Cricking partner...before taking off again for another round!

Je m'appelle Jacques

8th April 2006

Nanna does a great job of singing my lullabies when she puts me to bed. Unless that lullaby just happens to be Frére Jacque, in which case - she should give up. The problem is, you see, that she doesn't know the words. Really and truly, she doesn't. So she makes them up and I am constantly having to correct her. The other night she couldn't even get past the third line before I had to keep saying to her "Noooooooo, it's sonnez les matines!".

Can anyone spell "precocious"?