2nd Birthday

Dear Jack, on your second birthday...

In a year which was filled with a lot of sadness for our family, there has been a constant source of happiness and love - you. You have grown with every day into an amazing little person - not a baby, but an actual person.

You love fruit - every type of fruit under the sun. You adore baked beans on toast, almost as much as ham and cheese on toast. You are so happily pleased by simple things such as eating the foods you like, that it's hard to imagine you ever being upset as long as there was a cracker with vegemite around.

You are funny beyond belief. Not just kind of funny either, but really really hilarious. You think so too, and quite often announce "Jack funny Mama". You are a thoughtful little boy and generally think things through before you do anything - there's a process that an observer can actually see going through your face when you do something for the first time. You are cautious and careful, yet not afraid.

Despite an extremely rocky start to your sleeping in life, you have turned into a fantastic sleeper. You'll often spend an hour chatting to yourself at night, but are generally fast asleep by 8pm until 7am the next morning when you annouce, at the top of your lungs, "Jack done, Jack get down". You have a fantastic little run that you do when you are excited about something. Many people comment they've never seen a child get so excited about some things - and that is a wonder we hope you never lose. How wonderful it would be to go through life with such simple happiness.

We think you're a very clever boy. You are an avid reader and an even more avid talker. You love to sing songs and quite often will just sing along to yourself quietly. You talk to yourself too, and to anyone who might possibly listen, whether they be a human, a dog or a teddy. You are, for the most part, very gentle and play well with your friends. When there's tension, you are almost always far removed from it and happy to amuse yourself.

You are a sheer delight in our lives. There are some days when you really test us and push the boundaries. For the most part though, you are just a little friend to us. You've ceased really being "work" and are now just fun. Every day we hope and pray that we're doing the best for you and that we are teaching you to lead a happy and content life. Thank you for being so wonderful, so sweet natured and so loving. We love you.