1st Birthday

Dear Jack, on your first birthday...

If someone had told us twelve months ago exactly how much more love we were capable of feeling, we would not have believed them. And yet, it is true. You have brought absolute delight and joy to our home, and a love to our hearts that no amount of words will ever be able to express.

As a baby, you weren't much fun. In fact, you were very hard work - you were sad, in pain and very tired for the first four to five months of your little life. In those days, it was really difficult for us to be so helpless and to not be able to just erase your pain. Perhaps it was a great lesson in parenting - that no matter how much we want to fix everything, we can't.

As you've grown over the year though, you have become such a beautiful, happy little boy. Your smile melts the hearts of the sternest of strangers - the number of times we are stopped in public while people admire you is unbelievable! You have this "I'm excited" shake you do with your arms when you are happy, which is hilarious and never ceases to entertain. You have proven yourself over these last twelve months to be an amazing person and already exhibit the determination and dedication we dreamed you would have.

As a result of the colic and reflux in the first few months of your life, you didn't enjoy rolling around on your tummy and soon stopped doing this once you could sit up. Rolling, it turns out, is integral to crawling. And so, you were very late to crawl. In some respects, we believe this was a blessing - while everyone else was moving you were thinking and improving your problem solving and fine motor skills. But, when you were ready to start trying to crawl, nothing could stop you. There were moments when you first started to crawl that sheer determination was written all over your face - it was amazing to watch and experience this quality in someone only 12 months old. We can only hope this stays with you forever.

You are the apple of everyone's eye. You are adored by your grandparents, your Aunt and Uncles, and your friends. Mostly though, you are adored by us. We cannot imagine how our lives were complete before you entered our world. You are our sunshine, our only sunshine and we love you.